Michigan Air National Guard makes tribute to Mid-Michigan frontline workers

The Michigan Air National Guard flew over Mid-Michigan hours after the U-S Navy Blue Angels passed over Detroit.

The “America Strong” flyover tour was meant to honor people in healthcare, first responders, military and other frontline workers during this pandemic.

The Michigan Air National Guard took to the friendly skies across Mid-Michigan to salute the frontline workers flying over local hospitals, including McLaren Flint and Hurley Medical Center.

“Really feels good to be appreciated. There have been a lot of things in the community showing support and different companies and things. Having the flyover is definitely a nice thing and makes you feel really appreciated,” said Shannon Hillyard, Occupational Therapist at Hurley.

Those brief trips by both Michigan Air National Guard and the Blue Angels meant as a sign of togetherness as frontline workers continue to help patients down the road of recovery.

“Lauren and I work with these patients at the ICU when they’re at their absolute sickest and weakest. When they can’t get out of bed, or take care of themselves. They can’t really do anything. Then Emily is helping once they can get up and start to do more,” said Hillyard.

Receiving support nationally or locally spreads the best feeling, hope.

“We made it through the worst of it so looking forward I think we can do anything.”

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